Partnership Session

An effective tool for business partners
to come to arrangement about their business.
It raises the level of mindfulness and transparency of the relationship.
Discuss session
For whom
At the end of the session
Why do we need an architect?
What’s it like in practice?
What is the value
What it is
Stages of the partnership session
What it is
Partner session
This is a technology for organizing a conversation between co-owners of a business. The interview is conducted by business architect. The discussion takes place on all of the partners' concerns: the partners' duties and limitation of responsibilities and liabilities, goals, principles, options for business development depending on external events, determining the size of shares and walk-out, resolving conflict situations, and much more. This technology makes such a discussion systematized and has a result - a written partnership agreement.

Geography of the event

The whole world without limitations.
There is a permanent representative and business consultant Vladimir Dushko. The architect of business partnerships Dmitry Samigullin participates remotely or in person.
There is a permanent architect of business partnerships Dmitry Samigullin. The business consultant Vladimir Dushko participates remotely or in person.
What is the value of an affiliate session
According to statistics, a huge number of partnerships fall apart due to deceived expectations of some partners from others, because the partners do not synchronize their views on their joint business.
You either adjust to your partner's expectations
In the first two options of partnership session, you increase the chance of save your partnership, making your relationship clear and transparent.
And in the second one option you don't waste your life, nerves, and reputation because of the failure of your business model. Evaluate them for yourself, how much it costs!
And there are three options here:
you either adjust your partner's expectations
you either don't go into this partnership
How it happens in practice
do not fix their agreements on doing business in writing;
do not determine the mechanism of decision-making when partners have opposing opinions, and the share is 50/50;
do not define zones of responsibility and duties of each other;
do not determine the conditions of withdrawal from the business;
do not determine how they will resolve conflict situations;
many other things.
do not determine how they will dispose of the profits;
For whom an affiliate session is necessary
New collaborative projects
People haven't worked with each other much; they need to get to know each other's business habits and level of normality in professional activities.
To current projects
Over time, everyone has piled up "issues that would be great to discuss" But not enough time for everything, and somehow it is inconvenient: it seems to strain, but you do not want to spoil relations or be a "nuisance". In a partner session, this can be done in a hygienic way.
Attracting investment
Both the startup and the investor have a lot of questions, but since they most often have fundamentally different experience and business backgrounds, they usually have very different ideas. They must be synchronized.
Issuing employee stock options
Becoming a co-owner, though small, an employee often changes the way he or she thinks about his or her contribution, function, because of the new status. This needs to be discussed.
Discuss session
Why do we need an architect of business partnerships?
No Time
Co-owners usually don't have time to be distracted by conversation. And a moderator organizes the process and doesn't drag it out for weeks of pointless discussion.
In our experience, business co-owners engage an architect for the following reasons:
A number of questions are psychologically difficult to ask yourself, especially if the partners have been working together for a long time. Questions about death, divorce, disability, and others. These questions are uncomfortable to those who are close. The questions asked by the architect are neutral. It helps.
What is there to ask?
Not everyone has much entrepreneurial experience. And even if the questions are known, where is the assurance that these are all the questions that are needed? An architect operates 100-1 30 questions in his head from his experience and asks those that are relevant to this particular partnership (there are 20-40 of them).
What about others?
Questions alone are not enough. Very often during a partner session, partners will ask the architect: How do others solve this question. And that's fine.
As a result of a Partnership session
May a partner session be ended with the understanding of one or all partners that such a partnership does not suit this person? Maybe. But this is also a positive result. You would still understand this after a while, but now, after spending 6 hours and the cost of the moderation service.
You don't waste months, or years of your life.
All provisions of the partnership agreement comply with the law and are not illusory and phantom.
Based on the results of the discussions, business architect draws up a Partnership agreement, in which all agreements are recorded.

Architect of the partner session

Recommended by international legal ratings:
Dmitry Samigullin
Attorney at Law, PhD
Partner of the international law firm GRATA International
Certified mediator
Expert in building business partnerships according to the methods "Partnership Session"
Speaker at Russian and international forums
Pravo 300
Partner / Business Analyst
Vladimir Dushko
Business Analyst, Marketing Specialist
Certified business coach
Expert in architecture of business processes and quality system TQM (Toyota Quality Management)
Founder of the business community Bussinesoneclub

Stages of the partnership session

Agreement of the regulations for the time of the procedure
One-on-one dialogue with each partner
General discussion of the procedure for the partnership session
Approval of the draft agreement
Signing of agreement



Can I conduct a partnership session on my own?

It is possible, partnership sessions are a tool that allows partners to synchronize in business in a way that is accessible and understandable to all. However, not all partners are able to self-organize, ask uncomfortable questions, or see where they need to go deeper and go beyond the existing list of questions.
The architect’s value lies in his impartiality, expertise, and experience. He controls the process of discussion, makes it more effective.

Why do you need an architect?

Partnership session can be held by partners at the stage of business planning or partners with existing business, regardless of organizational and legal form.

For which organizational and legal forms is the session held?

As experience shows, not all partners are able to hear the opinion of the other, often faced with the architect’s questions, which have not thought about before, or out of habit give superficial answers, so the procedure of discussion of obvious, at first glance, questions can take a long time.

Why does an partnership session take so long?

—A partnership agreement that contains clear, understandable and enforceable agreements.
— The partners' decision not to do business together.

What do the participants of the partnership session get at the end?

You can, but practice shows that some agreements in such an agreement are not fixed by SMART. The architect makes sure that agreements are specific, measurable, achievable, meaningful, and time-bound.

Can I prepare a partnership agreement on my own?

If the partnership agreement does not provide mechanisms for this case, the law provides for two mechanisms — pre-trial (negotiations, including mediation) and judicial settlement.

What to do if the partnership agreement is violated after it has been drafted?

The legislation provides for the principle of freedom of contract and contains the concept of unnamed contracts, which makes a partnership agreement legal. Part of the arrangements of such an agreement is subject to legal protection by virtue of law, and part is implemented through mechanisms provided by law.

What is the legal status of the partnership agreement?

Yes! We have an office in Istanbul. In addition, the architects of partnership sessions are mobile and can organize an effective face-to-face meeting almost anywhere in the world.

Do you work abroad?

We are the only ones who work in conjunction a lawyer and a business analyst. All partnership issues are considered both from the legal side, within the legal framework of the country in which you formalize your partnership agreements, and from the point of view of clarifying the principles of your business model and competent decisions on the management system.

What is unique about your Partnership Session proposal?

No problem! This option will be cheaper, but no less effective. Only you have to remember that the session lasts almost the entire working day and of course requires concentration and total immersion in the process. So you will need to find a good stable Internet connection and an office where no one will disturb you.

My partner and I are in different countries. Is it possible to have a session at Zoom?

We also conduct sessions in Turkish and English, but we do not exclude the possibility of using an interpreter for speakers of other languages. In such cases, we sign a non-disclosure agreement.

My partner does not speak Russian, what multilingual sessions do you do?


How long is an partnership session?

2 partners  — 6 hours;
3 partners  — 8 hours;
4 partners  — 10 hours.
The duration of the partnership session depends on the number of partners:
The number of hours is measured by practice, but if the partners can agree on a shorter period of time, there is no need to sit out those hours.

It’s always better to talk

Discuss the session in Russia
Discuss the session in Europe and Turkey
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